Is Ulcerative Colitis a communicable disease???------Can you "catch-it" from someone else???

Some people are afraid to "get-close" to me for fear of "catching-it" (Ulcerative Colitis) from me.................Is it a contagious disease???..............PLEASE!!!! Reply...............


  • No you cannot catch it as it is an immune issue built within the person, not a viruse or bacteria.

    But what may happen(and science is not 100% sure on this) is that your kids may inherit a gene that give them the disease.

    Noone knows at the moment.

  • Explain simply to the people that it is an immunity issue and not a viruse or a bacteria and that there is absolutely no risk of them catching anything. Make it sound funny, do not get obsessed with it or they will think you are lying. Do like "Of course you cannot catch".

    Some people can even get Ulcerative colitis after food poisoning, a trauma/shock, antibiotic use, or even caused by a bacteria.

    Some even have it from birth, anyone can get this disease but noone knows why we get it.

  • Kind of sad, you need to educate them and explain that there are 0 risks to them.

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